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Fingerprint digitisation for research purposes: the toolbox

The Imaging Lab is one of the partners in Fingerprint, an interdisciplinary resarch project on the graphic works of Piter Bruegel the Elder. The digitisation aspect of this project requires highly specialised equipment. Read our blog post to know more about this imaging toolbox.




New print system PaperCut

From the academic term 2016-2017 all libraries, learning centres and most pc-rooms will bring a new printing system, PaperCut, into use with following features:

  • Safe printing: authentication with KU Leuven card
  • Wireless printing from any device: native printing from your own laptop or web printing from any device
  • Print Anywhere: Collect your copies where it suits you
  • Cashless payments: recharging print credits online and paying with your KU Leuven card

More information is available on

Digitizing a porcelain card – in pursuit of a faithful reproduction

The KU Leuven University Archives requested a digital reproduction of a porcelain card. A porcelain card is a 19thcentury lithographic printing technique that uses either white lead or kaolin to produce prints with a very distinct shimmer (more information here). Because this shimmer is an essential aspect of the porcelain card, we somehow had to preserve some of the shine in our reproduction. Since common digitization techniques are obviously tailored to minimize the amount of reflection, this turned out to be quite a challenge.

Lees de volledige blog hier.

Digitisation now on Twitter

Curious about daily digitisation activities in the KU Leuven University Library?

You can now follow us on Twitter!

De werkelijke toegevoegde waarde van digitalisering

In het tijdschrift van Faro vindt u het artikel "Over bits en bytes". Daarin wordt, aan de hand van een aantal praktijkvoorbeelden, de toegevoegde waarde van digitalisering van documentair en cultureel erfgoed geschetst.

Colour Management 2.0 in the Imaging Lab

In a previous post we discussed the use of the X-Rite ColorChecker SG card and the online platform as a means to control and validate the colour accuracy of our digitisation workflows. Whilst that process allows for a quick colour management, we found it to be somewhat insufficient in those cases where we want to take the quality of our captures to the next level.

More info here

Ancient Leuven lecture notes from KU Leuven and UCL digitised

The Digitisation and Metadata Departments have finished the description and digitisation of all ancient Leuven Lecture notes that are currently preserved at the KU Leuven and at the UCL. The project was carried out for LECTIO and the collection will be fully accessible through their website

Microdome imaging workshop at the J.P. Getty Museum

Between January 27th and February 3th the RICH team has been working together with the scientists and conservators of the J.P. Getty Museum and Research Institute in Los Angeles. Various artifacts of the Museum collection have been monitored and studied with Photometric Stereo such as medieval manuscripts, master drawings, bookbindings and daguerreotypes.

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