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Access to e-sources through KU Leuven login (Shibboleth)

On some publisher platforms you are able to access licensed content using your Central KU Leuven login credentials, i.e. the same username/password combination that enables you to check your KU Leuven e-mail or sign in to KU Loket and Toledo. This relatively new system is called shibboleth.

An advantage of this authentication method is that you do not need a proxy for off campus access.

To use this authentication method, you can:

  • search for a "Login" or "Institutional login"/”Login via your institution” link on the publisher platform. Select the name of the national federation (in our case Belnet R&E Federation) and/or your institution (KU Leuven); subsequently you can log in with you Central KU Leuven login credentials.
  • click on a publisher platform/database in the list below. The links are configured so that you do not have to select the federation and institution.
  • (in the long term we want to offer these configured links in Limo, for databases,e-journals/e-books as well as articles/book chapters.)

Currently shib-authentication is already available for the following platforms:

(Below list will grow.)