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Off campus access to e-sources

For remote access (from home as well as abroad) to e-sources that KU Leuven subscribes or has a license to, students and staff are led through EZproxy.

Please mind some license limitations
  • Remote access is only possible for staff and students of KU Leuven (with your staff or student number, self supporting doctorandi use their student number). Other users with a valid library card, e.g. alumni or year card, can consult the e-sources only from within the library buildings.
  • For some databases remote access cannot be provided (i.e. not even for staff or students). These cases are indicated in Limo.
  • Some databases to which the Law Library has a license have special regulations concerning remote access.

How does it work?

The EZproxy lets you login with your staff or students login, after which you have access to e-sources as if you were on KU Leuven campus. In the browser address your can see that the address is proxied: e.g. becomes

From Limo or the library website: our links automatically send you through EZproxy

Links to e-sources from Limo or the library website lead you automatically through the EZproxy. 

  • For off campus search to licensed e-sources you need to log in to Limo first (see top right corner of the Limo screen). Chose “Centrale login” and log in with your KU Leuven login.
  • For access to e-sources from the library website: the links to e-sources will lead you through the KU Leuven login to the source you want to consult.

Making an EZproxy address yourself

You can also make a link to an e-source go through the EZproxy, in order to consult it off campus. Of course this only works for e-sources to which KU Leuven has a licensed access.

  • Paste the desired url in the box and click “Proxy this url!”.
  • Or you can make use of a bookmarklet. You can add this to your browser Favorites/Bookmarks. After this, it takes two steps to use the EZproxy-server:
    • browse to the desired e-source
    • click on the bookmarklet in your Favourites/Bookmarks and you get immediate access through the EZproxy

    Add the following code to your Favourites/Bookmarks: javascript:{proxy='';document.location.href=('http://'+proxy+'/login?url='+document.location.href);}In most browsers you can suffice with selecting the code and dragging it to the favourites bar; if not, first add the webpage to your Favourites and afterwards replace the url with the above code.

  • Platforms or applications that you use within KU Leuven campus but which do not belong to the library collection, cannot be consulted through the proxy. Instead, you can use a VPN-access.