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About the UB


The 24 KU Leuven libraries and learning centres are spread over campuses throughout Flanders.

  • The campuses in Leuven and Heverlee have 10 libraries in total + the Learning Centre AGORA. Campus Gasthuisberg (Biomedical sciences), Campus Heverlee (Science, Engineering and Technology) each have their own campus library. Furthermore, each faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences Group has its library.
  • Campus Kulak has its campus library in Kortrijk.
  • The KU Leuven campuses on location are institutions with academic courses. They are spread throughout Aalst - Antwerpen - Brugge - Brussel - Diepenbeek - Geel - Gent - Oostende - Sint-Katelijne-Waver. Each has its own library.
  • MATRIX - Centre for new music in Leuven focuses on classical music after 1950. The organisation consists of two parts. The documentation centre, belonging to Artes, manages an extensive collection of scores, recordings and books. And an own operation developing all sorts of educational projects involving new music.


KU Leuven Association Through the KU Leuven Association a close cooperation with the associated institutions of higher education is established.


LIBIS Into Info LIBIS manages the library system of KU Leuven and LIBIS-Net.

University Library Services (UBD)

The University Library Services have a policy supporting function and are comprised of services that are required for efficient functioning of the University Library as a whole, e.g.: digital library, catalogueing policy, staff pool, interlibrary loan for the Humanities and Social Sciences, ... .

Structure of the UB - Gebu 20-10-2005 - pdf file Structure of the UB - approved on 20/10/2005 by Gemeenschappelijk Bureau KU Leuven (Dutch)

Pdf fileOrganization chart (Dutch)